Frequently asked questions

How to install this plugin?

Just copy the plugin folder into wp-content/plugins directory (make sure the permissions are correct). Then, go to the Widgets menu and deploy the Dynamic Audio Player Widget options. Here you can set the player’s window position and some more options (please, try yourself before asking). Now, activate the license key on Dynamic Player menu.

And that’s all! If you want to provide a default playlist go to Dynamic Player menu and add your tracks.

Why should I add two audio files (ogg and mp3) to each track?

Because of browsers compatibility. Some browsers support mp3 files, while others support ogg. Providing both you make sure that the track will be played in almost any browser. Here you can see the audio codec support for each browser.

So, does this plugin work with any browser?

No. It will work only with HTML5 compatible browsers. Here you can see a list of supported browsers.

Is this plugin free?

Yes it is absolutely free. You can download it here.
Dynamic Audio Player plugin is 100% GPL licensed, so you will have the chance of making use of this plugin elsewhere, and modify it to your convenience.

More questions?

Contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to help you.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Marius de Lange

    Surely there is no more reason to force your users to produce OGG files, when almost all browsers support MP3 now?
    The other reasons I’m not using your plugin is that there is no support for (Google Analytics) tracking and that I.m not using the audio player on my site to play music.

    1. msalsas Post author

      In fact, I’m not “forcing” users to produce OGG files. When OGG file does not exist, the MP3 file will be used. As you said, “ALMOST all browsers support MP3”. That’s why I keep the OGG functionality.
      There is no GA tracking functionality, but it could be a new feature (noted for future releases).
      Finally, I don’t understand the last point. Why can’t you use the plugin to play other stuff than music.


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