Your last chance! Keep this plugin alive with 4€

3 months since the first version of Dynamic Audio Player Plugin and not many people seem to be interested. Almost 500 people have downloaded the free version, but have not paid for the PRO version enough people.

This is last chance to keep this plugin alive. Otherwise, I’ll not able to maintain this plugin any more. My last price is 4€ for one year license. Things such as improving performance will be done during the next year.

If you are interested in this plugin, please buy this plugin for only 4€-5$.

If you have not tried the free version, you can do it here.
The PRO version lets you navigate through the site while the tracks keep playing.

If you don’t want to pay, but anyway you like the free version, please leave a review here.

Get Dynamic Audio Player for just 6€ until 30 November

Take advantage of this offer. Get Dynamic Audio Player for just 6€ until 30 November.

Just go to this link and click on “Pay With PayPal”.

Remember that Dynamic Audio Player plugin is 100% GPL.

You can find more information on this site.

You still can get the free version on

You can also use the support forum on this page for issues related with the paid version, and WordPress site forum for issues related with the free version.

I’ll will be also grateful if you submit a review for this plugin (paid or free)